Occupy Wall Street Began as a so-called Movement

The OWS began a series of events that has raised more questions than it resolved.  It was centered on a growing frustration with the economic conditions, and began to morph into various parlays into redistribution approaches. 

Clearly the frustration with large bonuses and bailouts that Wall Street has received has lead to a call for a different model, but what model is being proposed?

Ben and Jerry's has given money to the cause, but it is not clear what the cause is other than to voice frustration and obtain free food.  Some would applaud dissent against the system, which is equivalent to saying "I do not like cold weather."  

What is examined here is some of the elements of OWS and what are driving them.

It is clear that the body of knowledge in this website was not taken into consideration by Occupiers, and would likely not be so.  It has become a manifesto for a massive redistribution scheme of revolutionary proportions.


Has the OWS become another class warfare advocacy?



Income Distribution Page

Chapter 1:  Data Sources and Validity

Chapter 2:  Income Distribution

Chapter 3: Define Terms like Poor

Chapter 4:   Income mobility

Chapter 5:   Critical forces acting on us

Chapter 6:   The Occupy Movement

Chapter 7:  Buffet Rule fair?

Chapter 8:   Conclusions



 There are many responses to the Occupy Wall Street movement which at this time was in over 90 cities and around the world.  Some suggest that this is well funded and orchestrated to further the Obama campaign.  Many left leaning organizations have supported in all  forms their local or national activity under the label of the Occupy movement.   Some have held placards declaring "Eat the Rich".  Others have stated "Occupy Everything".

The video at right delves into the Occupy movement in a thoughtful manner. 

It is above all, this Occupy movement, statements of what the frustration is about, a frustration about the distribution of income in our country.  

While the notion of merit makes sense to some, who even revere some pro athletes or movie stars, it is also apparent that the notion the 1% must have arrived at that state with some form of cheating or unfair activity.  The dichotomy is most apparent. 

Is this just a well funded and organized underground movement to focus frustration in an election year?  Most likely, but the lack of economic growth and therefore jobs for even the educated youth historically has put economic freedoms at an increased risk.

Is the issue not just crony capitalism not capitalism?   Some who are in the pages linked below, are quite vehement about their frustration.   The culprit is in their minds well defined and there is little room for discussion or reasoning.  Their frustration is very real to them, but their emotions have taken over their thinking rather than reason taking over their minds.   

In effect OWS is about bailouts for the poor and a restructuring of the basic economic system and the associated freedoms we all enjoy.    It is difficult to see any other conclusion here, given a good part of what has been said over the 6 months of this activity.  The condemnation of profits is the same as condeming fun over pain, witty over dullness, fulfillment over despair - for they are all profit in the same sense.  If measuring profit in dollars is being argued is fundamentally different, then logic must also be suspended.  "False claims for social justice come at a very high price," wrote Richard Epstein.



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