If you are wondering what this website is about, it can simply be said that the need for more critical political thinking has perhaps never been greater.  The basic notion that 2 powerful political parties can issue positions that are adopted by the populace with few questions should be seen as not working in our complex democracy and should concern us all.

Also I have tried to make the material in this website in layered form, meaning it is comprehensive and not just a distinction in a flow of ideas but a knowledge base on the subject.  It should be apparent that the material is approachable from different directions and at different times, meaning that the summaries at the top of some pages, and headlines are used where appropriate and highlights provided for speed reading.  This attempt to make it easier for the target market: the group that does not make policy nor study it all day, every day.   The best example of this market would be the parents in their 40's having several kids and two jobs and little to no time.  That demographic must have their concerns growing for their future and especially the future of their children.  The basic assumption that all things will be better in the future is being tested and questioned. 

Moreover the powerful elite have been free from intellectual scrutiny for far too long.  One can easily understand why.   The basic assumption I have seen at work for the past 50 years has been that the government would manage the social good for the most part, while the public went about its business of life, further assuming that the cost of this dual strategy was affordable and the two forces would not collide.

What of course we are seeing in many forms is that this is no longer true.  Deficits are growing beyond imagine, regulations are reaching into all forms of ordinary life, special interests are commanding more power, and the central government is huge in all respects and wanting to be bigger.

This website is about moving democracy into the modern era.   This does require some effort on the part of the people.  Many recognize this already as those declaring themselves as independents is the largest single group.  

So the quest moving forward is to promote rational discussions, not emotional auto-responses.   This website leans if anything toward a central intent that freedom is good and needs to be defended.   It also will promote the general view of "socially tolerant, fiscally responsible."   In other words the core outlook is one of a good person that is likeable and compassionate, but also logical and self-directed. 

Lean in and see if it works for you.  


Jefferson once said: "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom."