The Intended Confusion


In Summary, Obama's strategy:

In his recent speech to the Associated Press, Obama laid out his partisan campaign strategy.  It is all about his version of the political picture is correct and well meaning, and that of the Republicans is all wrong, idiotic. 


In the video at right, the strategy of mistruths run at a high percentage. 


He says what he is not:  class envy, divisiveness; and that he does not want to redistribute wealth, just protect the little guy against the ravages of the other party.  


Essentially he is trying to draw attention against the other guy and away from what he has done and not accomplished.  It is perhaps seen as Chicago style, and perhaps is drawing upon methods he has seen while in his youth.    


It nevertheless seems quite peculiar and out of place for such an inexperienced person to be lecturing the country on his version of their dreams, of his version of the truth.  To incite racial tensions was most likely along the same lines, pre-calculated for a purpose.   


One say that he has been very much constructed on purpose.   The sense of getting even somehow just strikes me as his purpose, and if anything he has been following his purpose in life, whether it is to change the healthcare industry to correct the pain that his family felt or in being open with Joe the Plummer on redistributing wealth.  


It is all about his care abouts, and the campaign speech underscored he sees purpose in combating the opposition not working with it.   Disagreeing with him is not a pretty picture, and certainly not a Buddhist moment of achieving greater enlightenment.    It is about getting even. 



Romney Hood: 

that attempt to be contentious in a juvenile manner while attacking his opponent and at the same time being funny.

It appears more pathetic than humorous.   In any event, the old associations and falsehoods are reinforced in hope they will stick.





Harry Reid's attack on Romney and his tax returns.



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