The Outlook


To the Democrats, the Republicans are being denigrated as to the tax benefits the rich experience and the Medicare reforms as being too restrictive.  

We are expected not to question nor ask for data. 


Why is this persistent lack of logic and justification nor even questioning of their position an issue for most Democrats?


One could liken it to riding in a truck, always looking forward, never looking back.  All that one sees is select problems with apparent solutions in each case.  The emphasis on the romantic dedication to compassion some higher moral order sinks in.  Never look in the rear view mirror. 


The issues increase:  unemployment, etc.  and the solutions become more costly, but the dedication to the rights of the recipients of the solutions is imperative.  Never look at the connections of these issues to the previous solutions.  Never look back. 


If in this looking out from this "Feel Good Truck" (free goods truck) dispensing free solutions, one needs to be convinced that doing good is all that matters.  Being in control of these solutions one needs to feel that the solutions picked are the right ones, critics do not see the compassion being exercised.    It is all good.   Until.


Until the time that the problems come up even faster and are caused by these singular solutions that have multiple unintended consequences.  Compassion drives further only to be met with the inevitable realization that this FGT approach is causing more problems than is solves.   Associative thinking does not work.  No rear view mirrors means that problems repeat and get worse.


The life and history of Obama and how his beliefs were perhaps formed early and not examined closely thereafter. 



What to make of this outlook?