The Real World of Today


The real world of today is not in sync with the elites in Washington DC. 

No  where else is this more apparent than the contrast of the statements made by Pelosi and what is really happening:  


In this piece a few quotes say enough:  Link


Pelosi: ObamaCare Is “About Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness”… HUH?


Former Speaker of the House and current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told an audience of more than 600 college students last week that President Obama has signed many “expansions of freedom” into law since he took office in 2008.


Pelosi, speaking at a youth conference hosted by the George Soros funded Campus Progress, said the President’s work with health care best illustrates his agenda to increase civil liberties for American citizens.


“Central to all is the Affordable Care Act, which we think is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” said Pelosi. “A healthier life, for liberty, to pursue your happiness.”


The former Speaker also listed new laws pertaining to hate crimes and Don’t Ask Don’t tell as examples of legislation that has expanded American freedoms.


The history of her interpretations exceeds and defies reason.   She has become quite addicted to this form of wishful thinking.    To say that a huge entitlement and essentially the takeover of healthcare by the government is akin to the pursuit of happiness defies all that is logical.   It is the continued association machine that takes an outcome and links it to a popular idea where there is no connection whatsoever.  




What happens in the real world needs to make sense given our concepts of society. Correct or not?