Activity vs. Apathy


 The question of what to do in this massively unmovable object called politics.

The best weapon for the political elites is that the majority of the voting public do not want to spend any time on determining their political will.  The net result is that this portion of the voting public are easily convinced with simple myths and mistruths.  

If the voting public simply asked a few more questions in their weekly determination of good and bad policies, etc.  we would have a very different democracy today.  Activity could be as simple as informing yourself as to the facts on the major topics.   It might extend to having useful discussions about politics.   Most folks do little to learn from others, but feel compelled to publicize the arguments from their "team."    Having a team does little more than insure that few elites control the arguments, the outcomes and the power.   Democracy takes work, and that lesson is the one lesson to be learned from our times, these times.

Becoming  Active – post, discuss, learn from others. – post your books, review them, discuss with others – review your books and read other reviews

Newspapers – read and write letters to the editor – check out the most logical, if not the largest, of political parties

Think Tanks – see the list of pro-market organizations you may never have heard of



SJSU – Economics Dept. Provocative Lecture Series




SouthBay Libertarian Book Club  -

The Independent Institute -

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights-SF Bay Area Chapter -  

The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies -

The Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association -

Tea Party Patriots of Silicon Valley -

The Civil Society Institute at Santa Clara University -




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