The Focus:

The section on income and wealth offers some new material and insights.  The general question of income distribution has become the rallying cry of the Occupiers and a driving force for liberalism in America, but it is rarely looked at critically and without a strong emotional component. 

For instance "fairness" is a term much used in American political campaigns but is never defined.  Being such a core issue and an emotional one, it is time to examine more closely this question with a more logical perspective.  See Income Distribution for an accessible and comprehensive treatment.  

The other sections are very much under construction.

Big Government continues to grow.  Laws continue to balloon in size, and bureaucrats continue to enter more aspects of our lives.  Where is this going and how does the average citizen put this into perspective?


Role of Government

We should revisit occasionally what the proper role of government is.   As the constitution was a good sense of direction, we need a core set of principles to add in order to deal with the future.


So many want to engineer society, remove risk, assist certain groups, rather than let individuals thrive and raise communities.  Why?


Is Democracy where we all "get it good and hard" or is it the best means to a free society?


Should we roll with the special interests, or make the government achieve its proper role, what is that role, and how to do this?


When do deficits and governments become too large?


Government is becoming more elitist while trying to sell corrections to problems it created, what makes this possible?


Political Concepts

We are seeing a vivid distinction between political  ideologies.  How can we look at this anew, from a perspective that gives some clarity and direction into the future?


Currently as a society, we are having a most difficult time discussing political issues.  What is driving this?   And why a rebirth in political culture would be a good thing.


Market Economy

Are "markets" dead as some would conjecture? Or is free enterprise what got us here?


Economic Theories

At the heart of economics there are several possible economic schools of thought, the essence of these schools of thought and how they relate to our lives.