The Proposals


Many proposals for healthcare reform have been out there for some time, and certainly before the current lead up to the passing of ObamaCare.   Since that time Goodman of NCPA has given another approach, given the reality of the Supreme Court's decision. 

  The fundamental nature of any useful reform is two fold and wise in its simplicity:

  1. Put the patient back in charge of the basic buy decisions and by so doing radically reform the doctor relationship.
  2. Increase competition in all parts of healthcare by removing market fixing mandates and regulations.

To put in place cost reduction as a driving force, we cannot rely on a few bureaucrats to dictate.   Why is not preferred to have several hundred million minds making distributed decisions on the buying of healthcare? 


Goodman has contributed a set of principles in future reform, which expands the above overview list:

  1. Return health care to a market with clear buyers and sellers, not a system where patients spend other people’s money.
  2. Lower the cost of medicine and medical service through competition based on patients’ needs, not those of insurers or government bureaucracies
  3. Put insurance in its rightful place—protection against catastrophic risk
  4. Free caregivers and hospitals to experiment with practices that improve efficiency and improve patient outcomes, rather than government mandates




What would you propose?