The Argument for and Against


What is a right, a right receive the services from others?


In the video at right, Milton Friedman in a video in 1978 is quite insightful and even prophetic of our current conditions.


The notion that healthcare is a right, is no doubt aimed by most who advocate this arrangement, is inherently possible only if government controls the majority of the industry.  


 Control is a short step from ownership, which would be defined as socialized medicine.   If we have a single payer system in this country, then we will have all of the negatives of a socialized system in our country:  land of the free and home of the brave, unless healthcare is involved.


It is a simple leap to imagine what he would think of ObamaCare.  In short a continuation of the takeover of healthcare, which is critical to our well-being and 18% of our GDP.


Most in favor of healthcare as a right are advocating that all have access to healthcare. 


 Cato video at right on the topic.


Defining it as a right will not insure this outcome.   To drive the costs down in a competitive market place seems to be rejected quite quickly by the advocates that I have met, for the simple reason that the low income folks would not afford it.  


The interesting data point, a comment by Goodman, is that those in the USA not having insurance coverage receive better healthcare than those in Canada under the government run system.



Is healthcare a right?