The Subject is Raw to Most


Merely stating that "yes we can" and "Hope and Change" can be fine slogans, but increasing hope is not delivering. 


The video at right displays the frustration with Obama.


 Delivering free contraception while not allowing economic and job growth is quite a statement about what will sell in this coming election.

Having the worse recovery since one could imagine, it is about jobs and economic growth, parameters that Democrats do now want to worry about, despite the political speeches. 

The focus to those who want to consider it carefully and without dictums from their belief system delivery system, becomes clear to most when asked the right question.   Folks do not believe in the elites in DS.  See the future for them and their kids as less well off (14% are optimistic about better lives ahead).  Furthermore the negativity about government is nearing all time high, again depending on the question and the group asked. 




How does the Obama campaign weigh the Medicare issue.

The video at right speaks to this question.




In a recent article, a writer writes:  Link

I ask David Boaz, executive vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute in Washington, to crawl inside a conservative’s head and explain it to me.


“Sometimes libertarians assume that the questions we ask are the same questions other people ask,” he says. For example, “a libertarian might ask: What is the role of government? What are the rights of individuals? A conservative, on the other hand, might ask: What is good for an orderly society? Different questions yield different answers.”


Just contrast conservatives’ list of do’s and don’ts with that of libertarians, who just want to be left alone.


“Conservatives understand that letting people do their own thing builds a strong economy,” Cato’s Boaz says. “Why can’t a strong society be built from a few rules you learned in kindergarten? Don’t hit other people, don’t take their stuff and keep your promises.”


Conservatives believe like liberals that a certain order is needed and can only be administered by government intervention. 


Ann Coulter takes a stab at the perspective of a Liberal:   Link


With the country drowning in debt and Medicare and Social Security on high-speed bullet trains to bankruptcy, the entire Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge mathematical facts. Instead, they incite the Democratic mob to hate Republicans by accusing them of wanting to kill old people.


According to a 2009 report — before Obama added another $5 trillion to the national debt — Obama’s own treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, stated that in less than 10 years, spending on major entitlement programs, plus interest payments on the national debt, would consume 92 cents of every dollar in federal revenue.


That means no money for an army, a navy, rockets, national parks, food inspectors, air traffic controllers, highways, and so on. Basically, the entire federal budget will be required just to pay for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — and the cost of borrowing money to pay for these programs.




Well, your comments?