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  These select issues in this section cover the range of current events ranging from the size of government to the economic performance.  The whole issue of the collective defining who built America and companies is examined as well.   How should we evaluate the performance of a President?  It seems to mostly be done with sound bytes and the last impression, but is this good enough for our times?


Capitalism and even business have been especially criticized for all kinds of things.   We find ourselves being tested on so all fronts:  should public dominate private?; Is success earned or the result of others?;  how large a debt can we afford?;  how do we speak out and engage on these matters?    News is the fire hose, and what we make of it comes down to some principles we believe in.   The core beliefs are very important to examine, as are rarely done in our fast spaced world.   But we must if we want to maintain our sense of life and of freedom.


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