It seems that many might question the Why of this website, so it warrants a direct response.   I could even broaden the question to say "why bother?"  Some will want to reject this entire set of arguments simply because it does not feel in alignment with their beliefs.  To those I say seek what makes you think wherever that is. 

Clearly the answer for me is one not of a self-possession of any higher meaning or insight.  I do not aspire to that noble ground.   I do not aspire to any power position or moral high ground.   I simply answer the question as to what is missing in our political thinking, and attempt to make it easy to consider.   If you have come this far in this website then you are at least curious as to how this adds value.   Some are here to catalog and dismiss these ideas, to fight their adversary so to speak.   I am not the adversary of reasonable people wanting to understand.  I am not here to indoctrinate or dismiss.  I am here to question.  

You can consider the motive for yourself:  Can we not fix some basics problems in our society?   How also do we answer the question in the future to the youth of today, who will one day grow up and ask:  why did you not fix these issues?

The passing of tremendous debt to the youth is unbelievable to me.  The notion that we are not more concerned about the quality of education we are providing to them is even more so.   I cannot see why we as a society do not take these issues more seriously.  The majority of the public seems content with going with the flow, reveling in their apathy.  

One could argue successfully I believe with the notion that it is no longer possible to just vote every 2 to 4 years and hope for a change.   It does take work, this democracy we have.   We will likely loose its value and basis if left to continue as a status quo open to gradual intervention.  Why so harsh a statement?  Well we can look no further than Europe to see how stagnant a society can become, when more entitlements are voted in until one wakes up and find out you have become Greece.  

Today there are more than 60% of households receive more money from the government than they give the government.  Is this healthy or even fair?  Having a dependency crisis, an educational crisis, a lack-of-entrepreneurism crisis is new to us all.  What we do about it as citizens now matters more than ever.


"There are two ways to enslave us; one by war, and the other by debt."    John Adams