The Questions


How many children are coming up short?  How many movies about failed education do we need before we change it?  Waiting for Superman, The Lottery, now this one:  Won’t Back Down, out in a few weeks. 


How many fights with teachers unions does it take?   Ask a frustrated reformer and ex-Democratic Senate Majority Leader in California.  Link    


Ms. Romero describes how the teachers unions run Calif politically, in a manner that has little to do with serving kids.   It is a chilling account of political abuse that she is now trying to reform.   Good for her. 


As the video at right details, a Democratic legislator from California discusses the issue of control of government.  Even the recent bill in Calif. that was shot down due to Teacher Union lobbying.  The bill was to allow the firing of teachers that were sexually abusing students.   It does not get any more callous than that.


How many more kids will not graduate from High School destined for a life of low prospects?   The number of jobs in another few decades that are open to non-HS graduates is much less than the number of kids that will be created without an education unless something changes. 


How many great speeches do we have to listen to until the needs of the kids are taken seriously, not the unions or the politicians, but the needs of the kids?  How much agony do we need to feel during election times until someone does take it seriously?


We cannot currently educate them for the future world they are entering, and we are giving them a huge debt to have to manage or overcome.   How many elections do we need to get it all right?



Why is this not taken seriously?